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The Subsidiary receives industry-related support from an existing parent entity, “Saraye Andisheh Fars”. The Parent Company was established in 2003 in Kazeroon, Fars Province, Iran. The Parent Company is one of the most successful and advanced educational institutes in the Fars province. The Parent Company is engaged in providing cultural and educational instruction to its students in Iran. With the support of its skilled and professional team consisting of 16 employees, the Parent Company successfully established itself as one of the leading cultural and educational institutions in Iran. The Parent Company regards customer satisfaction and application of innovation as key foundations to the institution’s success. To demonstrate growth, the Parent Company substantially grew over the years and has optimized their educational efficiency by 95% in 2021. With the Parent Company’s successful establishment in Iran, the Parent Company seeks to pursue global opportunities, with the establishment of the Subsidiary in Canada as its main priority.

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The Subsidiary aims to locate itself in Toronto, Ontario, and operate from Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The Subsidiary believes that Ontario is a strategic location due to the blossoming language schools’ industry in the province and its strong population and economic activity. In addition, in 2016, Ontario recorded over 3.8 million immigrants which represents 29.1% of the total population in the province. Furthermore, 48.3% of all immigrants in Canada are considered to be economic immigrants, who are often skilled professionals looking to commence their life in Canada by integrating into the workforce quickly. With the influx of immigrants coming from non-English speaking countries, there be substantial demand for the Subsidiary’s language instruction services. This shows the favourable conditions that the Subsidiary takes advantage of to ensure its successful establishment in Canada.

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Customer satisfaction ,The industry of advanced communication software for the advancement of technology and science ,Dynamic communication with hardware and software to provide the best possible performance

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Realizing the growth and prosperity of students based on the daily methodObtaining the first rank of the new international style of educationUse past educational history and make the right decision for future goals