About executive director

Mr. Yaghoubnezhad spearheads the establishment of the Subsidiary’s operations in Canada, leveraging his 22 years of combined experience in the IT industry, as an expert trainer in various technical and vocational schools, and in the management of over ten commercial, banking, and educational institutions. Mr. Yaghoubnezhad be the Subsidiary’s Executive Director. Mr. Yaghoubnezhad obtained a Master’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering from the Malayer University, Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering from the Arsanjan University, and Associate’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from the Booshehr University. From years 2000, prior to pursuing his Master’s degree, Mr. Yaghoubnezhad worked as the Managing Director and Head of IT Systems of the Tarahsazan International Industry Technical & Engineering Company.

He carried out the responsibilities of a Manager Director and oversaw the organization’s network and IT security system, and software group management until 2019. In 2001, Mr. Yaghoubnezhad became an Expert Trainer for the Technical and Vocational Training Organization until 2016. Thereafter, Mr. Yaghoubnezhad founded the Saraye Andisheh Fars Educational and Cultural Institute in 2002 and carried out the duties of the ViceChairman and handled the network, IT, and systems management until 2019. Between 2004 and 2006, he became one of the main members of the board of directors of the Ministry of Labors and Social Affairs. In 2005, he founded the Ertebate Sabz Pasargad Cooperative Co. and became the Chairman of the Board and IT Manager where he managed the company’s IT systems. Throughout his career, Mr. Yaghoubnezhad developed exceptional management skills and has been a valuable asset to the organizations he worked with. With his 22 years of experience in the industry, Mr. Yaghoubnezhad aims to add value to Canadian society by imparting relevant educational and cultural instruction insights to succeed in the market. Furthermore, his achievements and relevant certification are fundamental in establishing the Subsidiary and building a network of clients in Ontario.